About Claire's Drum Lessons

The  drum lessons are designed for children and young adults from the

age of 7 up to 21. I teach a range of styles and techniques from simple snare drum rudiments and fun patterns to complex four-limbed rhythms. I teach everyone to read drum music as soon as they are ready as I feel this is invaluable.


Adult beginner and improvers are also welcome.


The teaching covers:


* basic rudiments

* styles (rock,pop,funk,blues,jazz)

* reading drum music

* co-ordination




* a vast array of my own produced resources

* using the most popular drum books available

* graded Rock School exams

* learning drum parts of famous songs

* playing along with current and classic songs


I believe that learning an instrument, particularly the drums can be a great enhancement to a child's life. Introducing them to discipline, perserverance, creativity and co-ordination are skills they can apply to many other areas.


Whether drumming becomes a hobby or a life-long passion I guarantee they WILL enjoy themselves along the way.


For more details ring 0117 9332983 or email at [email protected]


Lessons take place in my music room at home in St.Annes, Bristol.



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